Hamara Dhandha Outline for IM students

Author: NITIE Center for Student Enterprsies ( NCSE)

Hamara Dhandha –
Classroom Companies @ NITIE - An outline
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I. What is Hamara Dhandha..?

NITIE students will be registering partnership firms so as to work on the enterprising ideas of their own with their funding. The purpose of the partnership firms is to engage, earn and learn the business fundamentals through ones own experience of enterprising.

II. Schedule is given below.

Time Line

Introduction and Dhandha Orientation session
July I week
Dr T Prasad

Session on formalities for Registering a Partnership firm
July II week
Guest Faculty - @ NITIE

Idea generation
July III week
NeN workshop

Opportunity Evaluation
Aug I
NeN workshop

Filing the partnership applications with ROF
Aug II week

Submission of Registered Deed
Aug III week

III. Firm registration cost : Total cost for registering a partnership firm will be a max. of Rs. 1,000 /- Consult your seniors on how to save money for registration.

IV. Advantages of the Prog.

· Set to getting in to business mode
· Experiencing the process of identifying what is Ones Own firm ;
· Pride of having ones own firm ;

V. Addresses and information of Notaries and advocates who can help you:

· Approach your seniors for help
· Experiencing the process of identifying what is Ones Own firm ;
· Knowing the process of registration of a firm.

VI. FAQs for you all:

· Is it possible to have Class room companies? Of course, yes. It is just possible.
· Is it right way to have Class room companies? Of course, yes. It is best way to make the business students learn the business.

· How to balance Student’s academic and Business related aspects simultaneously? Yes. It is possible to balance ‘Learning and also Doing’. If the students select appropriate businesses as their choice, it is very much possible. The solution lies in appropriate business for you. Further, it is your creativity through which u can solve this issue.

· How to start and run the business by students? It is the essence of the whole prog. Students are expected to experiment and practice the same. It is the practice that makes the students to master the process of doing the business. Hence, Hamara Dhandha is the way through students learn the things.
· Whether the students have the ability and competence to start and run a business? It is generally believed that they may have the ability. Even if they don’t have ability, they need to develop the same by practicing enterprising.
· How about modalities of starting a business? They are just formalities. Formalities is not rocket science for NITIE students. With in no time students can master the process. See it…

VII. Appropriate business for Student Entrepreneurship are

Some students might have apprehensions regarding what business students should engage in. Some thoughts are collected over time. The following essential features should be there for a student business to be most appropriate / effective one.

· Low Investment / No investment businesses; Definitely - Not brick and motor companies which require huge sums of money.
· Knowledge rather capital intensive businesses
· Businesses which are based on the abundant available students ( your) strengths like ‘Knowledge, Experience, Creativity, Time and Devotion ‘ ( This is Similar to Sabir Batia creating a ‘Yahoo’ company)
· Business which complement students learning in the class room

VIII. The progress Hamara Dhandha is already made @ NITIE

· Junior IM, ITM, ISEM students ( N = 160) are proposing to register 25 partnership firms during the last one year

IX. Documentation required for registration:

· Partnership Deed copy ( See the enclosed format – I )
· Application form filled in Form – A ( See the enclosed format - II )
· Residential Proof – Hostel residential certificate – Issued by Mr. Poojari – Hostel superintendent ( See the enclosed format -III)

VISIT - http://india.smetoolkit.org/india giving full information on this subject. Contact your seniors for more information on this subject.
The era of intelligent man / woman is almost over and
a new ear is emerging – The era of the creative man / woman.
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